Air Aces of World War One


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Captain Edward Vernon Rickenbacker – America’s Top scoring Ace 1890 / 1973 Part 2

During World War One, He like many other German Americans changed the spelling of his name to a more American sounding equivalent, he changed the H’s for K’s thus becoming Rickenbacker. Because he was well known in the media, this name change received wide publicity.

In 1917, when The United States declared war on Germany. Rickenbacker enlisted in the Army and was soon training in France with some of the first American troops. He arrived in France on the 26th of June 1917 as a Sergeant First Class.

Most of the men chosen for pilot training had college degrees and Rickenbacker had to struggle to gain permission to fly because of his perceived lack of academic qualifications. Because of his mechanical abilities, He was transferred as engineering officer to the 3rd Aviation Instruction Centre at Issoudun, The U.S. Air Service’s pursuit training facility, where he learnt to fly in his spare time. He learnt to fly well, but because his mechanical skills were so highly valued, his superior’s tried to prevent him from attaining his wings with the other pilots.

Rickenbacker demonstrated that he had a qualified replacement, and the military awarded him a place in the 94th Aero Squadron, informally know as the ” Hat – in – the – Ring” Squadron after its insignia. Initially he flew the Nieuport 28, at first without armament. On April 29th 1918, Rickenbacker shot down his first plane. On May the 28th he shot down his fifth to become an Ace. Later that month the French awarded Rickenbacker the Croix de Guerre for his five victories.

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The Awesome Impact Award


I would like to thank Dee Kay and Roy of The Floating Thoughts for very kindly nominating me for this Prestigious Award, thank you so much!

I think that probably the thing that had the biggest impact on my life was when I had a heart attack, fortunately it was nothing too drastic, but it made me have a severe re-think of my life and values.

I have never smoked, so that was not a problem, I liked a social drink but I am very careful what and how many I drink. I am careful what I eat and how it is cooked, certain things do not help my condition.

But I think the thing I learnt most is to value true friendship, if necessary have a spiritual cleansing, but true friends never falter or change. If a man has one true friend, he is indeed blessed.

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Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 88 )

Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 88 )

  I had been busy formulating my plans for the demise of Mary Kelly, Normally I would kill on the street, but this time it was to be indoors, in her room. I decided to take McGinty with me to keep watch outside, while I was inside dealing with Mary.

Mary Kelly’s diary 8th of October 1888

  I sit alone, waiting for an answer from Jack, I hope he can bring himself to forgive me. I know that I wronged him sorely, But Jack is a good man, he may yet find it in his heart to forgive me. I think just before he is due to arrive, I will undress and greet him wearing only my chemise. I know that he admires my breasts, so I will give him a taster of what could once again be his, if he takes me back. You may think that I am trying to seek advantage, but once a whore, always an whore. And if I am to die a whore, so be it!

We left together McGinty and I, to make our way to Mary’s, as we approached her street McGinty went ahead, to make sure the coast was clear. I had no wish to take a chance on anyone seeing me enter her door.

McGinty came to the end of her street and signalled that all was clear, so I advanced down the street and rapped on Mary’s door, I heard a muffled voice from inside, cry, ‘Who’s there?’ ‘It’s me, Mary, its Jack!’ was my reply.

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Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 33

Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 33

  All thIngs considered thought the Mayor, she is fair game, He held her a little tighter letting one of his hands stray to her ripe young breast, He gave it a tentative squeeze, there was no reaction from her.

The truth of the matter was Samira’s day had already been ruined by Dave Knowles, but besides Dave she had always had a thing about older men, particularly authority figures like the Mayor. Most girls her age would laugh at him, but Samira had a thing for him. The Mayor, it finally dawning on him, that he was on to a sure thing, led Samira to his car.

He drove Samira to his house, and invited her in, ostensibly to check that she was o.k. Samira happily complied to his suggestions, she had plans of her own. Maybe she couldn’t seduce Dave Knowles, her first choice, But the Mayor she concluded would be easy meat, literally.

The only problem, from the Mayor’s point of view was that she was wearing a sari, And the Mayor for all his years of experience couldn’t figure a way to get her out of it. He was baffled, but eager nonetheless.

Samira sensing his frustration, removed her sari and the dress beneath it, so that she was left standing in her undies, which due to her earlier plans for Dave Knowles were very skimpy, the bra barely enclosing her ripe young breasts.

The Mayor, who was used to much older fare, took a sharp intake of breath then pounced. He pushed Samira down on to his sofa then kneeled beside her, Fondling and slobbering all over her breasts. It wasn’t exactly what the lovely Samira wanted, but it was a promising start to the proceedings.

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Conor Dillon – Beginnings Excerpt 8

Conor Dillon – Beginnings  Excerpt 8

  I once again reported to Shamus, who again uttered the one word, ‘Run!’ and so, I ran, then walked, then ran again until it all became an automatic reaction to Shamus’s command. I soon lost count of how many times I had climbed that hill. All I knew was that each time I did, I felt that I had achieved something, something that would stand me well in the future.

When I reached him after the umpteenth time, Shamus told me to take a short break, Then he would show me how to fight, I couldn’t wait! After I had taken a breather, Shamus began to explain the rudiments of fighting.’There are two ways of fighting, both of which you will learn, The Gentleman’s way, which has a Gentleman, you will need to learn and my way, which is about survival.’ He explained. ‘I’m sorry but I don’t understand? I said, feeling a little lost.

‘Any man, no matter how big or tough you think him, can be bought to his knees if you kick him here,’ He pointed to my groin, ‘The harder the better!’ ‘If a man grabs you from behind, butt him with the back of your head, from the front, likewise but use the front of your head, If someone is trying to strangle you, gouge his eyes, that usually does the trick, if it doesn’t hit him under the nose with the flat of your hand, hit him hard enough, he’s dead!’ Shamus stated grinning at me, as if he had just taught me the facts of life.

‘Right! enough talk, time for some action,’ He said, ‘Attack me, boy!’ I charged at him, like a mad bull, I was almost on him, when he side-stepped and stuck out a foot and I went flying, I got up winded and angry. I ran at him once again, and once again ended up on the ground. I was annoyed that such a small man, Shamus was the same height as me, could make such a fool of me.

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Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 87 )

Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 87 )

  Much as I had expected, Mary paid me a visit at the Infirmary. She had no illness as such, unless you class fear of impending doom as an illness. she apologised profusely for any wrongs that I may have considered she had done me and pleaded with me to forgive her and return to the way things were before she had the abortion.

I told her that as this had come out of the blue, as it were, I would have to carefully consider, as it concerned not only myself, but the other members of my household. she started to cry and pleaded with me that her life was at stake.

But I remained unmoved, ‘Write down your address, and I will call and see you on the night of the eighth to give you my decision!’ She hugged me to her and kissed me on the cheek. At one time it would have meant something, but not now, I am immune to her charms. Especially as I know she only seeks to use me, again.

The eighth was the first number that came in to my head, just long enough for her to be ready to beg, and also for the Police to begin to get a little more relaxed about their duties. The eighth would be a good day to die, and so she must!

Or if not the eighth, she would certainly be dead come the ninth, for her death was my avowed intention, I saw no other option,

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Air Aces of World War One

EEddie rickenbacker
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Captain Edward Vernon Rickenbacker – America’s Top Scoring Ace 1890 / 1973

Edward Rickenbacker ( born Richenbacher ) was born to Swiss German speaking immigrants. From childhood he loved machines and experimenting with them, encouraged by his father’s words, ‘A machine has to have a purpose.’

In what was to become one of the defining characteristics of Rickenbacker’s life, he nearly died many times, in events ranging from an early run- in with an horseless carriage, to a botched tonsillectomy, to Airplane crashes. His first life threatening experience occurred when he was in the ‘Horsehead gang’. He lived near a mine, they decided to ride a cart down the slope, it tipped over and almost crushed them.

Rickenbacker’s schooling ended at age thirteen, after the accidental death of his father. Rickenbacker found work wherever he could to help support the family, but he was always driven by his immense admiration for machines. Rickenbacker taught himself has much as he could, including enrolling in a correspondence course in engineering.

He aggressively pursued any chance of involvement with automobiles. Rickenbacker went to work at the Columbus Buggy Company, eventually becoming a salesman, working in both Dallas, Texas and Tucson, Arizona.

Around this time Rickenbacker became well-known as a racing car driver, competing in the Indianapolis 500 four times before World War One, and earning himself the nickname ‘Fast Eddie’. He joined the Maxwell race team in 1915, after leaving Peugeot. After the Maxwell team disbanded that same year, he joined the Prest-O-Lite team as manager and continued to race improved Maxwells for Prest-O-Lite.

Flying a fighter aircraft in World War One demanded a great affinity between man and machine, to become an Ace or even to survive at all, this affinity had almost to become instinctive. From all over Europe young men with a delight in things mechanical were drawn towards the war in the air. Some very successful pilots like Charles Nungesser and the Belgian Jan Olieslagers had already proved their affinity with speed and power as champion racing drivers.

To Be Continued

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Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 86 )

Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 86 )

  I am alone and friendless, with no one to turn to, dare I approach Jack. He is good and kind, will he listen and help me in this my moment of need. Or will he treat me in the way that I deserve, turn his back and walk away. I have to get in contact once again, or I will never know the answer, whether yes or no!

Mary Kelly’s diary – October the 2nd 1888

I have decided to write Jack a letter, begging his forgiveness and pleading for his help, for in this my direst of times, I find myself left friendless, that creature, the Ripper has done away with all my friends and may well do away with me. If no one will give me aid to get out of this area, where I seem to be the next in line. To meet my maker or so it would seem. I just hope that Jack realises the urgency of my situation and moves swiftly to save me. He is a kind compassionate man, surely he will help me?

I waited somewhat impatiently for Mary to contact me, for contact me she must, I had left her with no other choices. It was either me, or find another protector, I had helped her before, so why not again. I knew exactly how her mind was working.

Ingratiate myself with poor sad Jack, in a little while move back in with him, he has me and I have my cushy lifestyle back. But unfortunately Mary, that’s not the way I perceive it, my way always ends in your death and my absolution.

With your death, I can begin my life again, while you live you are too much of a distraction. And I detest distractions of any kind, and so you must die!

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Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 32

Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 32

  Samira, who had held back, fearing that her appearance might lead to some kind of confrontation, now came forward and requested all the Zombie party to get aboard the waiting ‘bus.

She was searching for Dave Knowles, but to her dismay, he didn’t appear to be present. Samira was not a happy bunny, the only reason she had volunteered for this assignment was to get close to Dave Knowles, with a view to seducing him, or rather to let him seduce her. She enquired if anyone knew of his whereabouts?

‘He’ll probably be on his motorbike, him and Joey will probably go straight to the Holiday Camp’ replied one of the Zombie contingent. ‘Who’s Joey?’ asked Samira. ‘He’s Dave’s partner, they are inseparable, didn’t you know Dave was gay?’

Samira took a deep breath, she really wanted to scream at the top of her voice, all her carefully conceived plans for the weekend were in tatters. The man that she had been hero worshipping was a bloody queer. Fate had dealt her the worst possible cards, she had tears in her eyes, she just had to get away, anywhere!

She turned and ran straight in to the Mayor, the Mayor for all his flabby build was solid, Samira with the wind knocked out of her, thought she had run in to a brick wall. The Mayor bent over and helped her to her feet, she was still very tearful.

the Mayor showed concern, because by inadvertently knocking her down, he thought he may have hurt her in some way. He hadn’t paid too much attention to her before, he knew who she was of course, but he had never realised how beautiful she was.

Samira, still slightly winded, leaned against the Mayor for support. The Mayor, never one to miss an opportunity slid his arm around her waist, she made no protest, just snuggled in to his armpit. The Mayor probably for the first time in his life, felt a pang of conscience, she was so young and pretty. But she was Sanjay’s daughter and she was over the age of consent, all’s fair in love and war, thought the Mayor!

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Conor Dillon – Beginnings Excerpt 7

Conor Dillon – Beginnings  Excerpt 7

  I shrugged my shoulders and walked on, now there was a purpose in my steps. It wasn’t about exercise, it was about motivation, I saw the hill as my enemy, I was going to beat it.  At any cost, I increased my stride, I was a man.

Shamus looked up the hill and saw how far I had ascended and smiled. I would attempt to keep that smile on his face, if at all possible.

I reached the top of the hill, caught my breath for  a moment, then began my descent, obviously my descent was a little speedier than my ascent and so I was soon back with Shamus. I was feeling quite pleased with myself until he once again pointed to then top of the hill and said but one word, ‘Run!’

I was expecting praise, not this, I felt devastated, But if that was what it took I would do it. I wasn’t about to give up. Once again, I attacked the hill with all the energy that I could muster, It was hard going, but I fought off the pain and kept moving, My breathing was starting to get a little laboured, so I tried to even out my breathing to match the pace that I was trying to achieve, somehow, I managed to reach the top without collapsing.

Running downhill was a very different discipline, I was having to hold back or go down the hill at speed and run the risk of rolling down it, if I missed my footing. But I managed my descent in one piece and reported back to Shamus.

He pointed to the top of the hill and said, ‘Walk!’ So once again, I walked up the hill, but this time, my breathing seemed more natural, and my legs were not aching as bad, it felt good. I reached the top of the hill in what I considered was a reasonable condition. I was, despite my aches and pains, starting to enjoy it.

I stated to go down the hill, trying my hardest not to break in to a trot, my orders were to walk! I succeeded in walking, although it played havoc with the backs of my legs. I had a feeling Shamus might be pleased with me this time.

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