Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 73 )

Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 73 )

  I had made my decision, I would have to terminate Liz Stride as early as possible, If I were to have a chance at Cathy Eddowes the same night. This was really going to need some thought, the timing would be crucial. Much as I loathed the idea I decided to postpone my plans, for a little while. Maybe by then the fuss would have died down  and the streets would have returned to a semblance of normality.

I had been home, a little over a week and had more or less caught up with my commitments to my patients at the Infirmary, when I received a message from Inspector Abberline, Delivered by hand by one of his constables. It said, ‘Could you please call and see me, at your earliest convenience, there as been a development?’ followed by his signature. ‘Tell the Inspector, I will be there with in the hour, I’ve just a few notes to file,’ I told the constable, wondering what could have caused this urgency.

The moment I arrived I was ushered in to the Inspectors Office, where Abberline introduced me to Sergeant Godly, his subordinate and colleague. ‘Why I have called you here, Doctor, is for your advice, This, letter was received by the press and is supposedly from our perpetrator, I would value your opinion?’ Stated Inspector Abberline.

He handed me the letter, I did as requested and read it in its entirety. ‘My first thought is that this is a man of intellect, who is trying hard to disguise that intellect, but this is false, this is not our man.’ I stated confidently, and who knows better than I !

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Air Aces of World War One


Colonel Rene Paul Fonck – French and Allied Ace of Aces 1894 / 1953 Part 3

  Fonck like Guynemer, who was France’s leading Ace at the time, occasionally flew a Spad XII, which was a limited production model. This aircraft was distinguished by having a hand-loaded 37mm Puteaux canon firing through the propeller boss. Fonck apparently had 11 victories with this aircraft, He would later fly the Spad XIII the first fighter to be equipped with twin lewis guns.

Fonck did not make any more additions to his score until 19th January 1918, when he shot down 2 aircraft, in February he added another 5, March 7 more and another 3 in April. Then came a spectacular performance on May the 9th, it was sparked by an argument between Fonck and two of his American Squadron mates, Edwin C Parsons and Frank Baylies. Annoyed by Fonck’s lectures on Aerial success, the two Americans wagered Fonck a bottle of Champagne that they would shoot down an enemy aircraft before he did.

Baylies took off despite hazy weather and managed to shoot down an Halberstadt CLII, back at the airfield a sulky Fonck badgered then to change the wager, to who shot down the most planes that day. Lingering fog kept Fonck grounded for most of the day, he finally took off at 15.00 hrs, between 16.00 and 16.05 he shot down three German reconnaissance planes. A couple of hours later he repeated the feat. Fonck liked to concentrate on reconnaissance aircraft, he was aware of the damage they could cause doing spotting for their artillery etc.

He added a double on the 19th of May, and five more in June, By now he was regularly scoring doubles and with 49 on his score sheet was rapidly closing in on Guynemer’s record.

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Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 72 )


Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 72 )

  On the 16th, I caught the early train back to London. I left the countryside with regret, my brief sojourn had left me feeling invigorated. Which was all to the good, I had lots to catch up on in Whitechapel. Once home, my first task was to summon McGinty to see what his surveillance of my victims had uncovered, if anything.

He answered my summons, but the news that he bought me was a little distressing. The two whores met mid-morning and spent the rest of the day together. They separated in the early evening and went their separate ways.

They both apparently had different areas where they solicited for custom, this was going to be a little tricky. Once I had dealt with Liz Stride, if she was discovered relatively quickly, then the hue and cry would be out on the streets. I would have to be very careful.

But on the other hand, I was known to the majority of the Police who would be patrolling and no doubt also to some of the vigilantes. And any problems I have my pass signed by Inspector Abberline which should guarantee me safe passage through their lines. Maybe I’m making problems where there are none. But I was determined that on the following night they would both meet their maker!

How will you feel then Mary Kelly, when you are friendless and alone, who will you turn too then, will it be poor sad Jack!

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Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 24

Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 24

  The Mayor, feeling somewhat like a mouse caught in its own trap, could only lay the blame on the amount of brandy that they had both consumed. He was for once, speechless, he felt like the condemned man who had chosen his own place of execution.

After she had regained a little of her composure and attempted relatively successfully to dress herself, a euphoric Maude took her leave of the Mayor. Her parting comment, like an arrow to his heart, was, ‘I’ve rather set my heart on a White Wedding!’

Once the door had closed behind her, The Mayor poured himself another  large brandy and downed it in one gulp, he sat at the table with his head in his hands, he wasn’t crying, but he really felt like he should. the citizens of Littlehampton had no idea of the mental and physical hardships that he, The Mayor, had to endure, just to keep the town running his way.

The Mayor was not the only one having problems, old Sam Parry was getting a right ear bashing from June, his wife. She agreed with him on principle, she had no wish to see Zombies staggering all over the town, making the place look untidy. But the thought of her husband and his Armoured Resistance Corps made her cringe.

She was beginning to think he was regressing when foraging in the spare room he recovered his WW2 tin hat, then he dove in again and came out with his old motorcycling jacket with the “born to be wild” logo on the back, she was convinced that he had finally flipped, it was maybe time to call the doctor again.

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Cursed through the Generations – Excerpt 17

Cursed through the Generations – Excerpt 17

  I was much happier cavorting with my maids, both of whom would happily bend to my wishes and desires. They had learned to keep their mouths shut and graciously accept the little gifts given for services rendered.

But like all the good things in my life, it came to an abrupt end. Josie became pregnant and when interrogated by my wife and her Mother, named me as the Father, so much for loyalty. it might not have been so bad, but Adeline desperately wanted a child herself.

Adeline didn’t say anything immediately, she kept it bottled up and let it fester like a cancer in her womb. Then one fateful night, when there was a terrible storm raging outside. She came at me with her accusations, I was caught off guard. I was under the impression it had been dealt with quietly, I had no idea that she knew.

She screamed at me, punching and pummelling at my chest, calling me by words a lady should not know. The storm outside raged unabated, and Adeline stormed at me with similar ferocity, She was a woman misused, she had every right to scream at me, I had betrayed her….often!

She was just starting to calm a little, when there was a flash and an explosion. Lightning had struck the house, the roof was falling in. I grabbed Adeline and virtually pushed her down the stairs, the upper floor had caught fire and it was spreading rapidly. Adeline had slipped on the stairs and fallen. I ran to her and hoisted her up on to my shoulders, she was heavy, but I managed to get her down the stairs, through the hallway and clear of the building.

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Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 71 )

Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 71 )

  But when all is said and done, we are still kin, theological disagreements aside. I did enjoy my stay at my Brother’s Parish. I was brought up in the country and loved it still.

I ventured out each day after breakfast and walked for miles through the countryside. Everything was so fresh and green after the squalor of Whitechapel . I gulped in the fresh country air like a drowning  man , clinging to his last hope of survival.

Everything around me was growing and flowering, the fields seemed to be alive, whereas back in London, all was rot, decay and disease. I think it was then that I made a mental note, one day, when my task is done, I will leave the city and return home to the country. I feel comfortable here, away from the squalor that is Whitechapel.

Whether it will be this country or another, I know not, who knows where fate may lead me, I’m still a relatively young man, anything could befall me. Who knows? one day I may even find contentment, or is that too much for a man of my kind to hope for, I wonder ?, maybe my brother is praying for my soul!

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Air Aces of World War One

rene fonck 1Colonel Rene Paul Fonck – French and Allied Ace of Aces 1894 / 1953 Part 2

 At the age of 23, on 15th of April 1917 “Bloody April” as it was termed by the Allies. Fonck received a coveted invitation to join the renowned Escadrille les Cicognes, Group de Combat 12 with its four escadrilles or squadrons, was the worlds first fighter win

The leading French ace, Georges Guynemer, served at that time in one of its Escadrilles N.3 where he had just scored his 36th Victory. Fonck was assigned to another escadrille in the group Spa.103, Flying the Spad VII. He rapidly made a reputation for himself by achieving his Ace status by the 13th of May. He scored another victory on June the 12th, then nothing until the 9th of August, he scored twice more in August on the 21st and 22nd.

On the 14th of Sepember he killed the pilot of a German observation plane and watched as the plane inverted and almost dropped the thrashing observer through the wing of Fonck’s Spad. He even went to the extreme of tearing the barograph out of the cockpit of that days victim, his twelfth, so that its readout would confirm his combat report.

September and October had added four more victories to Fonck’s total score. by the end of 1917, Fonck’s total score was 19, he had been made an Officer and been awarded the Legion d’Honneur. Fonck only improved. Already known for his clinical professionalism, he applied mathematical principles to combat flying and his engineering knowledge regarding the capabilities of the aircraft he flew was unsurpassed amongst his fellow pilots.

Fonck took few chances, patiently stalking his intended victims from higher altitudes. He then used deflection shooting with deadly accuracy on enemy pilots at close range. Resulting in an astonishing economy of ammunition per kill. More often than not, a single burst of less than five rounds from his lewis gun would be sufficient. His preferred method of Aerial combat was not to engage in dogfights, but to carry our surgically merciless executions.


To Be Continued ………….

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Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 70 )

Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 70 )

  ‘It is bad, but it is more in the communities living conditions, which are for the most part filthy and squalid, the people do what they can, but in the main they are poor and unemployment is rife in the area!’ was my earnest reply.

‘And what of this creature,” The Ripper “, is he one of your local celebrities, he is getting more publicity than the Holy Father!’ stated my pious brother.

‘He his as, I personally see it performing a public service, in that he is only killing the most verminous of whores, the biggest pollution on our streets,’ I declared.

‘Do you feel no pity, Brother for their souls, they are human after all?’ said my sainted sibling, but he has not had to deal with them and tolerate their scorn, as I have.

What began as a conversation, ended as a theological argument, with my Brother holding all the aces, but then he has the Pope and Holy Mother Church in his corner.

I was sorely tempted at on point to ask him to hear my confession, where I would describe in the most lurid detail, how I had despatched my victims. He might have understood but I doubt it, my sainted Brother can only see the good in people. He should come to Whitechapel and see and smell the evil and avarice on a daily basis, the way that I have too.

Then and only then might he condone my acts, but I wouldn’t bank on his forgiveness, his mind his controlled by Mother Church.

(C) Damian Grange 2018

Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 23

Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 23

The Mayor, for once was caught off guard, the next thing he knew, Maude was unbuttoning his flies and groping in his ‘y’ fronts. For possibly the first time in years the Mayor was not in control of the situation, what might this crazy woman do next? he was about to find out.

But on the plus side she was obviously gagging for it, this situation although rapidly spiralling out of control might still be turned to his advantage. Maybe lady luck was on his side.

Maude, by now totally out of control staggered to her feet and started ripping off her clothes, once naked she grabbed the Mayor by his ‘y’ Fronts crying, ‘Give me your babies, I want all your babies and I want them now!’ so saying and still grasping the Mayor by his underpants, she collapsed over the arm of the sofa with her more than ample buttocks stuck up in the air.

The Mayor, never a man to look a gift horse in the mouth, or any other part of its anatomy for that matter, dropped his trousers and entered Maude from the rear, doggie – fashion, all of his earlier caution forgotten at the sight of Maude’s  more than ample buttocks.

It was not mind-blowing sex, the Mayor made a few grunts, Maude a few moans then a squeal like a startled cat and it was all over. The Mayor was a little disappointed, he had expected so much more. Maude however was ecstatic, for some reason, never stated, she had convinced herself that she and the Mayor were now engaged to be married.

(C) Damian Grange 2018


Curse Through the Generations – Excerpt 16

Cursed Through the Generations – Excerpt 16

  I grasped one of her breasts and flicked and teased the nipple with my tongue, once it was erect I sucked on her teat, she moaned with pleasure at my ministrations. I changed breasts and repeated the procedure, once again she moaned with pleasure. I moved my hand down between her open legs and impaled her with three of my fingers, which  I rapidly moved in and out of her body, she arched her back to meet me and came once again in a shuddering climax.

I raised her up and kissed her gently, but passionately on the lips, a kiss that she happily returned, then I told her, ‘Get dressed, its time to go, and here’s a silver shilling for your birthday, enjoy! ‘Thank you, Sir!’ She said and tried to curtsy, but fell over giggling to herself, I picked her up, made sure she looked relatively decent, then ushered her to the door, opened it and saw her outside, I closed it behind her with a satisfied smirk on my face.

On Adeline’s return I once again played the attentive husband, confessing to her that I had been lost without her. She primped and simpered and fussed around me so much, that in what must have been a touch of guilt, I bedded her.

The following morning I woke and looked at her lying there and felt sick to my stomach, she may well be the lady of the house. But given the choice, I would much sooner bed her maids, either of them. Making love to my wife was drudgery, but I suppose necessary, anything to keep her sweet and pliable to my wishes.

(C) Damian Grange 2018