The Ninth Victim – Excerpt 25

Valjean kept well behind their car, He didn’t want to make it too obvious that they were being followed. He had no wish to panic them into making a rash move.

There were lights behind him, but he ignored them, he was certain it was just coincidence. But every time he turned a corner, the car followed behind him, Why? Valjean was starting to feel uneasy, he had thought that he had all the participants covered. Had he missed someone, but who else was there?

Was he overthinking things and it was just someone using the same road, He decided to pull over and let the following car overtake him. As the car overtook him, he noticed that there was only the driver. Maybe his fears were for nothing, but in this type of situation, caution is the bye word.

He increased his speed slightly, the following car had distracted him momentarily and he had no wish to lose the car that he was following De Peysac’s very survival may depend on it.

He was glad that he had thought to arm himself, it was three to one, he discounted de Peysac on the basis that he was probably already immobilised. Valjean was not fond of guns but in situations like this, they made a great equaliser.

The car he was following slowed and took a right turn, down what appeared to Valjean’s eyes a farm track, rough and muddy. They must be approaching their destination. Valjean stopped his car, he had decided to approach on foot it was a safer and stealthier method. The moments he would lose would allow the perpetrators to further incriminate themselves.

He rounded a bend into what appeared to be the farmyard, The empty car was parked there. He wondered where they had taken de Peysac. Then he heard a groan and headed in that general direction. In the moonlight he saw them, de Peysac was naked and bloody, he appeared to have put up a struggle but he was no match for Bruno and his cousin.

(C) Damian Grange 2021

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