The Ninth Victim – Except 22

‘Fouchet! I have an idea, can you return to Paris and interview her ex-husband, see if you can discover what motivates her, he may just have the answers that we are seeking?’

‘This one as really gotten under your skin, do you really think she is involved?’

‘I don’t honestly know at this stage in the investigation, I just feel that there is more to her than meets the eye and I wish to know what it is?’

‘I’ll catch the late train and seek our her ex-husband in the morning, if there are any developments, I will contact you by ‘phone immediately. What do you plan to do in the meantime?’

‘I intend to go through the victims files again, no criticism of you but I still feel that the answer could lie amongst those reports, we have to be missing some sort of connection, something not so obvious?’

After Fouchet had left, Valjean once again assembled the files on his desk, in the order that the girls had been reported missing. Then a thought struck him, if they were trying to make de Peysac appear to be the perpetrator, then surely they would began with the girl that he had beaten and raped, the one crime they could prove he had committed.

So, for some reason they did not want to draw attention to her, Why? so far their planning had been meticulous in fabricating the case against de Peysac. So, why not include her, it made no sense to omit her.

Valjean rang Raoul Dupin, when the ‘phone was answered he said, ‘It’s Valjean, can you arrange foe an officer to bring me the file on the girl the de Peysac raped.’ ‘ I’ll get it sent round right away, although I would not have thought it was relevant?’

‘It proves that de Peysac is capable of the crimes of assault and rape, I would have thought that very relevant?’

‘So, have you solved the case, is he the perpetrator?’ Queried Dupin with more than a trace of elation.

‘Possibly, but I don’t have absolute truth as yet, but we are getting close.’

Valjean leaned back in his chair and scratched his head. Dupin seemed just a little too eager to convict what he was sure was an innocent man. He was still convinced he had much to learn about this case, maybe Fouchet’s information might help in some way

(C) Damian Grange 2021

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