The Ninth Victim – Excerpt 21

That evening, when he met for his daily briefing with Fouchet. Vajean still had the feeling that he had missed something, call it a Policeman’s instinct or whatever, but it was really beginning to annoy him.

‘Have you made any progress with your investigations into the victims?’ asked Valjean.

‘Not particularly, one of them was not as innocent as we were led to believe, she was having an affair with a married man. But before you ask, he’s not a suspect, he was serving abroad with the Army, all checked and substantiated. replied Fouchet.

‘So, nothing of any consequence to our investigation?’

‘I did pick up one little tidbit that may interest you, Bruno has a cousin locally who breeds boars, the domestic ones of course but their diets are then same. By the way, have you made the acquaintance of the lovely Bruno yet?’

‘Yes, we have met, I left him with a bruised ego and a bloody nose, next time we cross paths he may just remember his manners,’ stated Valjean smiling.

‘Be careful, given the opportunity he’s the type that would stab you in the back.’ warned Fouchet.

‘But, I proved one thing, if the inducement was to his advantage, he would kill!’

‘He appears to be the woman’s creature, do you think she is the one pulling the strings or are they both being controlled by some unknown third person?’ queried Fouchet.

‘I have to admit that something about the woman is bothering me, now that we have met even more so. I have this feeling that I know her, but I can’t remember where from and its really starting to annoy me.’

(C) Damian Grange 2021

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