The Ninth Victim – Excerpt 20

‘No, I met Marcel for the first time several months later. I had travelled to Carcassone to do research for a project that I was working on, this was well before I moved there. I wandered into a bar, Marcel was there sat at the counter, we struck up a conversation, which within a short space of time we both realised we were attracted to each other and we have been together on and off since that day.’

‘On and off? sounds somewhat strange, I thought you were having a relationship?’ queried Valjean.

‘We do, but we both have our own careers as writers, Marcel is based here because his stories are set in this area. I, due to the demands of my research, have to travel frequently. Although my work is fiction, from the historical aspect it must be faultless for my stories to be believable.’

‘I have just one more question,’ said Valjean, ‘ Are you aware that Marcel de Peysac is a convicted rapist, who has served a prison sentence?’

She seemed lost in thought for a moment, as if she were choosing her words very carefully.

‘As I stated earlier, Marcel and I have no secrets between us, I am fully aware of his past as he is of mine.’ She stated, but Valjean was not convinced by her statement.

‘Now if I may’ She said looking a little exasperated, ‘I would like to terminate this interview, I have a prior appointment.’

‘That is fine, I think I have all that I need,’ Valjean faltered, then asked, ‘There is just one small thing, I omitted to ask you the title of your forthcoming novel?’

‘At the moment, it is still very much a work in progress, and as such does not have a title. But if you wish, I will keep you informed of its progress?’

‘I would appreciate that, the title would round of the article perfectly, I apologise for imposing on so much of your time, but thank you once again for your co-operation.’ Said Valjean, so saying he took his leave and left her to whatever business she had planned.

(C) Damian Grange 2021

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