The Ninth Victim – Except 16

‘ She arrived yesterday evening, Bruno was in the bar whining that she was on his case.’

‘That is indeed good news, it appears that all the premier participants are now on the scene, now events may begin to unfold.’ Stated Valjean

‘Is that good or bad? enquired Fouchet.

‘Time alone will tell, my friend, I still feel that there are many things about this case that we have yet to learn, It is all down to time and patience.’

After Fouchet had left, Valjean decided that tomorrow he would call the woman and employ the same technique that had worked so well with de Peysac. After all celebrities whatever their calling were all slaves to the media, without publicity they were nothing.

He had no idea whether in the meantime de Peysac had mentioned him to the woman. But it was of no consequence , de Peysac knew him as a Journalist, not as the Inspector of Police that he really was.

The following morning, he arose early and after breakfast and his ablutions. He re-read the woman’s file, looking for anything that he could question her on. But he found nothing, which surprisingly disturbed him, maybe he was mistaken and she was not involved.

Her number was on file, so he rang her, the phone rang several times before she answered, she sounded a little breathless ‘Marie Deschamps, may I be of assistance.’

‘I do apologise if I have caught you at an awkward moment, my name is Alain Garnier, I am a journalist from Paris who just happens to find himself in Carcassone. When I heard that you were here, I thought that I would like to take the opportunity to interview you, maybe we could talk about your forthcoming book. If I am not being to presumptuous of course?’

‘Not at all, it is always a pleasure to talk to a journalist, especially one with connections in Paris, I can make myself available from say 3.30 this afternoon. I live a little off the beaten track, you can drive up to my gateway then walk through the woods to my house, I will look out for you.’

‘Thank you, I look forward to meeting you with some anticipation,’ Valjean thought that on the phone she had a very husky sensual voice. He would be interested in meeting her in the flesh.

(C) Damian Grange 2021

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