The Ninth Victim – Excerpt 14

As soon as I realised that things were happening between us, I laid my cards on the table, I wanted her to be under no illusions about my past.’

‘How did she react to your confession?’ asked Valjean, interested to know the answer.

‘She said that we all have secrets, she appreciated that I had shared mine.’

‘And was that the end of it, was it never mentioned again?’

‘Neither found any reason too, the past is best left that way!’ He stated honestly.

‘So, when she began mentoring you,’ if I may ask, ‘What advice did she give you?’

‘Basically, as I stated previously, she advised me to write about subjects that I knew and was comfortable with and to always thoroughly complete my research.’

‘Did she at any time, suggest that you write about the murders that were happening locally, did she ever attempt to push you in that direction?’

‘We discussed lots of ideas about local happenings, so I’d say it was highly likely.’

‘But you never felt she was pushing you in that direction?’

‘Not at all, but if she did, maybe I should thank her after all it made me a success.’

‘Just one final question, if you have no objections, have you at any time been acquainted with any of the missing girls?’ questioned Valjean.

‘I can answer that question in all sincerity, when the first girl went missing, I was serving the final months of my sentence. Even in prison I heard all about it, but that do’s not make me guilty.’

(C) Damian Grange 2021

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