The Ninth Victim – Excerpt 7

According to Fouchet, the only person to speak ill of de Peysac was Bruno, the woman’s caretaker, a big oaf of a man who was a poor loser and a nasty drunk. ‘Do you see him as a possible suspect?’ I asked Fouchet.

‘Only of wanting to get between his mistress’s legs, a position already occupied by de Peysac, but yes, he has a violent temper, I believe he could commit murder especially if he was provoked in some way.’ ‘Could he be the killer we are looking for, do you think?’

‘Not unless he is killing on the woman or someone else’s instructions, he hasn’t got the intellect to plan something like that on his own. He might rough up the local whore, but I’d say that’s about his limit, but I’ll still keep an eye on him.’

‘It might be a good idea, I suppose its possible he could be involved in some way, even as an accessory or co-conspirator, or possibly just hired muscle.’ ‘Another point that may be of interest, that I almost forgot,’ said Fouchet, ‘ The woman is due to visit Carcassone, Bruno was whining about the extra work it had made him.’

‘So, she will more than likely be spending some time with de Peysac, I would imagine.’ ‘If they are as close as the rumours, and rumours don’t often lie?’ stated Fouchet. ‘Most especially from the keyholes that you listen at my friend.’ ‘One tries to be discreet.’ smiled Fouchet, ‘Discretion is my profession.’

‘I think?’ said Valjean, ‘That I will arrange to interview de Peysac, in the meantime continue gathering information, we will rendezvous again tomorrow night.’

(C) Damian Grange 2020

6 thoughts on “The Ninth Victim – Excerpt 7

  1. I missed you too, I had a triple heart bypass at the end of January and due to that and the coronavirus situation I have found it a little difficult to get motivated. At the moment I am Publishing Sundays and Wednesdays but I will probably do more as things improve. Hoping that you and your loved ones are well and healthy.

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