The Ninth Victim – Excerpt 6

According to the case file, she was recently divorced and had come to Carcassone to do some research for a book she was working on. She met Dubois in a bar and surprisingly they hit it off, it seems opposites can attract. Within a week they were sleeping together and no doubt with her influence and assistance, virtually overnight, Dubois became Marcel de Peysac, author on the verge of writing his first best-seller.

Dubois, who had spent the major part of his life in the Languedoc area, and knew little of the world beyond, could only write about the things he knew. The local murders that presumably, judging by the amount of detail in his books, only he could have committed? So, once again we come back to the woman, and what is her part in this case.

The more he read, the less sense it made to Valjean. Why would you write about crimes that you were likely to be suspected of. Were you that eager to make the acquaintance of Madame Guillotine, Dubois might not be the brightest, but surely he is not that stupid? that he wishes to place his head on the block.

Well, I will no doubt discover more when I arrive in Carcassone, I have a hunch that this case may yet prove to be interesting.

When I arrived in Carcassone, once I had unpacked my case and settled in my room. I contacted Fouchet and arranged to meet him in the hotel bar, so that he could update me on any information that he had managed to glean.

By all accounts de Peysac was something of a local hero, the majority of locals spoke well of him, definitely a case of local boy makes good. Even though he was an ex-felon who had served a sentence for raping a young girl. But then, that is the media for you, they create heroes from the most undeserving of people. Still, I should not complain, their mistakes keep me employed.

(C) Damian Grange 2020

2 thoughts on “The Ninth Victim – Excerpt 6

  1. Beautiful place, Carcassone. I’d like to recommend a novel that really got me hooked just in the middle of my university exams (which, on the other hand, I would not recommend :D). It’s called Labyrinth, by Kate Mosse, about the Cathar people and the beginning of the inquisition. I learned a lot about Carcasson and the Cathar culture and had an awesome time. Dark, well written and captivating.


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