The Ninth Victim – Excerpt 4

‘Who do I contact, if I need assistance or back-up?’ queried Valjean.

‘I will give you both my office and mobile no’s, but please try and keep this matter as confidential as possible, I have no wish to undermine my own officers.’ replied Monsieur Dupin.

‘Any more questions? Valjean, or may I leave it in your capable hands,’ asked the Commissioner.

‘There is just one thing more, I would like photographs of the suspect and his woman and where they can be found, the rest you may leave in my hands,’ stated Valjean confidently.

‘Your Commissioner has a file which contains all the information that I possess to date, I trust that you will find it useful, I think that it comprises everything you need to bring him to justice.’ stated Monsieur Dupin.

‘I will certainly do my best to apprehend the culprit, whoever he happens to be, I am coming to you with an open mind and I will investigate all aspects of the case as I see fit.’ stated Valjean.

‘That is all I ask of you, Inspector, Bon Chance!’ replied Monsieur Dupin.

As he left the Commissioner’s office Valjean’s mind was racing. If this case was so straight forward why had Dupin requested outside help. Valjean’s instincts were crying out that there was something very wrong about this case. Time will tell?

Valjean returned to his own office with the case files, he placed them on his desk, then summoned his associate Bertrand Fouchet. Fouchet was a small non-descript individual whom no one would ever suspect of being a member of the Police force. Which was one of the reasons that Valjean and he were such a successful team.

(C) Damian Grange 2020

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