The Ninth Victim – Excerpt 3

‘ During the time he was released from prison and began writing, he met and began a relationship with Marie Deschamps a well known writer of historical romances. What this urbane and educated woman saw in him, I have no idea? But she became both his mistress and his mentor, with her encouragement he began writing and to date has had a string of eight best sellers and he is now poised to release his ninth.’

‘ But I still don’t understand where I fit in to this equation? two people meet and fall in love, it happens or so I am led to believe,’ smiled Valjean.

‘ Be patient, Detective Inspector, it will all begin to make sense in a moment. I personally have read the last two books and they contain certain information that only the killer could be aware of. On that basis alone. I would say that he is the killer or he knows the killer’s identity.’

‘ So why haven’t you apprehended him, given you have enough proof ?’

‘ That is why I requested your assistance. He flaunts his guilt, but we have no concrete evidence. If pressed he could plead artistic licence or just plain coincidence. He is laughing at us and we can do nothing?’

‘ What do you think Valjean, do you fancy a vacation in Languedoc?’ asked the Commissioner. ‘ Only if Fouchet can come too, I’m sure he could use a holiday.’

‘ I’ve no problem with that,’ agreed the Commissioner,’ But I expect results.’

(C) Damian Grange 2020

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