Karlstadt – The Return Excerpt 11

Karlstadt – The Return Excerpt 11

  When Jock caught up with me he said, ‘Well wasn’t that fun, just like old times but next time let me be the bait in the trap, we can’t afford to lose you.’ ‘That’s awfully considerate of you Jock,’ I said gratefully. ‘Not at all’ he grinned, ‘After it is you that’s paying for our little soiree.’ ‘I suppose you have a valid point there, but thanks all the same.’

The day following the incident with the brigands was totally uneventful, so much so that we longed for something to happen. That little spell of action had enlivened us.

That night while we were waiting for the food to cook over our open fire, I perused the maps that my Father had given me. According to my reckoning we were about three days steady travelling away from Karlstadt.

I could not help but wonder what would greet us, would we be greeted with suspicion and open hostility, or would we be given the cordial welcome that all visitors expect. The following day dawned, a beautiful sunny day, a day full of promise.

Despite our earlier misgivings, Jock and I were both enjoying the Carpathians, both for the scenery and the solitude. We could travel for days without seeing a single soul. For us it took a little getting used too.

(C) Damian Grange 2019

To all my friends and followers please note this will be my last post until Friday the 5th of October as I am taking a short break…. Thank you.

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