The Diamond King – Excerpt 16

The Diamond King – Excerpt 16

  I took it upon myself to stand the first watch, but I was almost exhausted, so at the last moment, Henrik changed places with me, and did me the kindness of standing the first watch whilst I caught up on my sleep.

I dozed off almost immediately, and when I awoke cursed myself for not relieving Henrik sooner. As it happened it did not matter, when I arrived to relieve my friend he was already dead, with a black mamba slithering away from him.

I killed the snake with my hunting knife. A snake of this kind would only kill if surprised, my immediate thought was Nathan. He thought that I was standing guard, he would hurl a snake at me rather than tackle me face to face.

I owed Henrik a life, and I knew whose it would be and before too long, the odds were now in their favour. I wanted to rush headlong in to camp and call Nathan out, but although Maartens was spineless he might not hesitate to shoot me in the back especially where a fortune in diamonds was concerned he had not the sense to realise that with me out of the way he too was expendable, why settle for 50 / 50 when you can have it all.

I went in to the camp and woke them both and explained what had happened, they both expressed regret, but they were both poor actors I dug a hole and buried Henrik and said a few words over him, it was the least I could do for my old comrade in arms. But I silently vowed that his death would be avenged.

(C) Damian Grange 2019


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