The Diamond King – Excerpt 15

The Diamond King – Excerpt 15

  They were both grinning thinking that I had walked in to their trap, little knowing that they had stumbled headlong in to mine. Because I had every intention of exacting my revenge out there on the veldt. Four would be leaving, but only two would be returning or at least the way I had planned it.

The following day, we set off at daybreak, Maartens and Nathan taking turns to drive the wagon and Henrik and myself blazing the trail on horseback. This way I could always keep a little way in front of them and possibly locate the source of the diamonds without their knowledge.

The only disadvantage with this course of action, was that whilst they were together they would also be plotting on how to get their own hands on the diamonds and their source, but it was a chance I had to take.

I had every intention of disposing of the two of them, but for the moment I pretended to have no idea of their intentions toward myself and Henrik, but I was aware that they were also biding their time, until we were deeper in to the veldt.

When we stopped to make camp for the night, around the campfire it was all good natured camaraderie, but I don’t think I was fooled, anymore than I was fooling them. It was all pretence, we all knew how high the stakes were.

It was at night that I was my most cautious, we were for the most part apart during the day. If they planned to make a move on me, it would happen during the night of that I was certain.

(C) Damian Grange 2019


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