The Diamond King – Excerpt 14

The Diamond King – Excerpt 14

  ‘And have you proof that this mine exists?’ asked Maartens, I had him on my hook, I knew full well that his greed would betray him. I reached in to my pack, ‘Of course I have diamonds, these few are from the mine.’ I said placing them on the table.

‘I think I know someone who might be interested in investing to the sum of two oxen.’ offered Maartens. ‘Well, can you arrange a meeting with him?’ I asked. ‘No need, he is already here. My plan had worked, I knew that he meant Nathan but I played dumb. ‘So, tell him to present himself, or is he shy?’

‘Nathan can you come over here, Hans has a business proposition for you, that might be worth your while?’ The Jew strutted over from behind the bar, where he was washing glasses. ‘So, what is this proposition?’ he asked in his guttural accent.

‘I am looking for someone to invest two oxen in return for shares in a Diamond mine.’ I stated. ‘If I should provide these oxen, how big a share do I get?’ as I expected he had taken my bait, with certain people greed will always triumph over caution.

‘I was thinking five percent, I have another investor who has supplied me with a wagon, two oxen and a months supplies, can you better that?’ ‘For seven and a half percent you get the two best oxen in the township and Maartens and myself will accompany you and assist with the search.’ He stated eagerly.

And I was thinking to myself, and the moment I locate the diamonds, both Henrik and myself will have unfortunate accidents and you will have my diamond mine, Nathan you are so obvious. I smiled and said,’ I will shake on that, I could use a little extra help.’

(C) Damian Grange 2019


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