Karlstadt – The Return Excerpt 8

Karlstadt – The Return  Excerpt 8

  ‘Thank you so much for your advice and assistance, we just need to settle up with you for the horses and we will be on our way first thing in the morning.’ ‘I wish you a safe and pleasant journey and good luck with your mission’ replied the Consul.

We took our leave and went to the stable to inspect our horses, we were delighted with their appearance, all three looked strong sturdy animals. After inspecting the horses, we had a light supper and took to our beds. we intended to make an early start the following day.

We had an early breakfast, fed and watered the horses, then saddled and loaded the horses to our satisfaction, using the biggest as our pack horse, once this was completed we once again thanked the Consul and began our journey.

The first day was spent making our way through the foothills of the Carpathians and getting accustomed to our mounts. We were in no great hurry, whatever awaited us in Karlstadt would still be there when we arrived. So, for the present we were two friends enjoying our holiday.

I believe the thing that surprised us most was the lack of people. We saw the odd shepherd watching over his flock and that was it. We never at any time felt that we were being observed, and as professional soldiers, I think we would know.

It was turning out to be more enjoyable than we had envisaged, the foothills, and as we rode higher the mountains themselves were quite picturesque. Jock remarked that with a coating of purple heather it would be almost like home.

(C) Damian Grange 2019


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