The Diamond King – Excerpt 13

The Diamond King – Excerpt 13

  I wanted another two oxen and had a good idea where I could get them, and at the same time get my revenge on the two men who had cheated me while I was away fighting in the war.

I was almost singing as I rode back to the township, everything was falling in to place perfectly. I knew that whatever happened on the veldt Henrik would take my side, he was young but loyal to me.

I never mentioned it to Mynheer de Klerk, but I had kept the five biggest and best diamonds for myself, they were my bargaining ploy back at the township also the bait to lure my enemies to me. I had unfinished business with them, they were both greedy men and they both owed me, and my feelings were very old testament, ‘An eye for an eye’ not that I was in any way religious, but I like the analogy.

I knew exactly where to find them, They would both be in the pub, Maartens by force of habit and Nathan because he both lived and worked there. I pushed open the door and entered, as I had expected Maartens was sat at his usual table. He looked up and saw me and once again looked frightened, but then he had good cause to be and he knew it.

I walked towards him smiling to put him at his ease at the moment I needed him, ‘Hello Maartens, you know everyone around here, I am in need of two oxen for an expedition I am planning to discover a lost diamond mine. Mynheer de Klerk has kindly invested a wagon with two oxen and a months supplies, but I had set my heart on having four oxen.’ I could see by the expression on his face, that he had taken the bait.

(C) Damian Grange 2019

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