Karlstadt – The Return Excerpt 7

Karlstadt – The Return  Excerpt 7

  Jameson, as the man made himself known was a clerk at the Consulate. The Consul would like to meet with us to explain the political situation with regard to our mission. All the arrangements had been made and in the Consular stables three good horses awaited our approval, which was excellent news.

Jameson, ushered us through to meet the Consul, after the introductions were dispensed with, the Consul said, ‘Make yourselves comfortable, Gentlemen and I will update you on the situation as it stands. There is a lot of unrest caused by various factions who seek to overthrow the Monarchy and turn Russia in to a Bolshevik Republic.

‘How will this effect our mission?’ I asked. ‘Probably not at all, as long as you are aware that feelings are running high and all foreigners are being viewed with suspicion, once you are clear of the coast and up in the mountains you should be fine, but I would be lacking in my duty if I did not make you aware of the situation.’

‘Any foreseeable problems likely to arise once we reach the Carpathians, that we should know about?’ I questioned. ‘There are gangs of Brigands operating along your route, but there are two of you and you are both armed with modern weapons, so it is highly unlikely that they would chance their arm with you. One thing that will interest you, the wolf packs appear to be on the increase, so build your fires high and sleep close to them.’ was the Consul’s advice.

(C) Damian Grange 2019


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