The Diamond King – Excerpt 12

The Diamond King – Excerpt 12

  A wagon and four oxen so that I may find the mine that these stones originated from, I am familiar with the immediate vicinity, so I don ‘t imagine it will be that hard  to find. I could see Mynheer de Klerk considering my offer, then he spoke offering me a counter proposal.

‘And what collateral are you offering me in return for my investment?’ he queried. A fifth share in whatever is found, and you can keep the diamonds on the table as a gesture of good faith,’ I stated. ‘You must be very sure of yourself to virtually give away a fortune in uncut diamonds, I am in, but on my terms, you are the beggar at this table.’

‘I am prepared to offer a wagon, two oxen and a month’s supplies, but only on the condition that Henrik accompanies you to look after my interests.’ ‘You drive a hard bargain Mynheer de Klerk, but I accept it will be a pleasure to ride with Henrik again.’

‘Do you wish to draw up some form of contract, a document to cover your share?’ I offered. ‘I know from Henrik that you are a man I can trust, you are after all leaving a small fortune in uncut diamonds with me, how can I lose? if you return at noon tomorrow everything will be ready for you.’

‘I have a little unfinished business at the township, I will return there now and see you tomorrow, and once again I owe you my thanks, I said in lieu of goodbye.

(C) Damian Grange 2019

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