Karlstadt – The Return Excerpt 6

Karlstadt – The Return  Excerpt 6

  My Father had been in contact with the British Consul in Sevastopol, relationships with the Russians were still a little strained, but it was considered safe for us to travel there. My Father arranged for the purchase of three good horses to be waiting at the Consulate for our arrival.

The Russians should not present a problem as we had no plans to stay in Sevastopol any longer than deemed necessary. Our plan was to follow basically the same route that my Father had taken many years previously. To this end he had supplied us with maps of the Carpathians, which clearly showed the route to Karlstadt. To two seasoned campaigners like Jock and myself, finding it should be easy, Its what happened then that might be the hard part.

We left that weekend, with the fond regards of my Mother and Father ringing in our ears. I felt bad about having to deceive my Mother, but my Father had assured me that it was a necessary evil, at least until I had visited Karlstadt and its castle.

Neither Jock nor I were very good sailors, I suppose as sea voyages go it was uneventful enough, but we both preferred the feel of dry land under our feet, whoever’s it was. As soon as we had docked and unloaded our possessions safely, We asked for directions to the British Consulate. Unbeknown to us, they had despatched a man to meet us, who soon made himself known. That immediately solved the language difficulty, he spoke Russian like a native.

(C) Damian Grange 2019


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