The Diamond King – Excerpt 14

The Diamond King – Excerpt 14

  I arose early, ate a little breakfast, then fed and watered my horse, then said my farewells to the township and set off to thank Mynheer de Klerk. It was a pleasant morning and I enjoyed the ride, why would I not, I had a small fortune in uncut diamonds at my waist and the prospect of finding their source and becoming even richer.

The township and my unfinished business could wait until I was ready to return there, at the moment I had more pressing matters to attend to.

I rode over to Mynheer de Klerk’s place of business and knocked on the door, it was opened by a smiling Henrik, who I was pleased to see looked none the worse for his ordeal. I gave his Father my grateful thanks for sending men out to search for me, he replied, ‘You gave up your horse and canteen of water to save my son’s life, it was the very least I could do.’

‘I am delighted that Henrik made it home safe and sound, I would hate to think of him perishing out in the veldt. Now that we have the pleasantries out of the way, I have a little business to discuss with you, a little diamond business.

I noticed that the moment I mentioned diamonds I had Mynheer de Klerk’s full attention. I unhooked the pouch belt, opened it and slowly poured its contents on to the table. For a few moments the silence was overwhelming then Mynheer de Klerk asked, ‘What is it that you require from me, you have aroused my interest?’

(C) Damian Grange 2019

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