Karlstadt – The Return Excerpt 5

Karlstadt – The Return  Excerpt 5

  My Father also swore me to secrecy about the mission that I was about to embark on, under no circumstances was my Mother to be made aware of our destination. To her knowledge Jock and myself were just travelling on horseback through France and Germany. I can’t pretend that I understood the reason for all this secrecy, but I would honour my Father’s wishes.

Once my Father was convinced of all the perils that could possibly befall us on our mission. He allowed me to contact Jock to see if he was prepared to join me. I stated that if he was in agreement I would brief him when he arrived at me home. Where he would be a welcome guest until we departed for our mission.

I received a communication by return that Jock was in, and he would be joining us later in the week, it appeared with this news that the mission was now definitely on.. We would leave as soon as Jock was briefed. It was summer in the Carpathians, the ideal time for what we had planned.

Jock came up with an interesting suggestion, why not take some explosives, say a couple of small kegs of gunpowder, so that if we found the creatures hiding place and destroyed it. We could then blow it back to hell from whence it came.

Both my Father and I approved the idea, we were planning on having a pack horse so the kegs would be of no inconvenience to us on the journey. And so it would appear we were all set to go.

(C) Damian Grange 2019


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