The Diamond King – Excerpt 13

The Diamond King – Excerpt 13

  ‘I’m so sorry that you feel that way, can’t we persuade you to stay?’ she pleaded.’ There is nothing here for me now, I came back for you, but you obviously did not have enough faith in me, you were all that I thought about while I was away, what a waste of effort.’ I stated intending to hurt her as she and Maartens had hurt me.

Tears were streaming down her face, but I no longer cared, she had betrayed me and I was done with her, as for her husband I would settle with him in due course, in my own way. ‘Must you leave so soon,’ she pleaded,’ You have only just returned.’

‘Your husband has gambled away what little gold I had left, so I have no reason at all to stay in this place, I once thought of it as home, but no more, I will leave first thing in the morning, have a good life.’ I said with more than a trace of irony.

I could sense her struggling to piece together the words to make me stay, but she was too late, I was already walking out the door. I would return and deal with her husband in due course.

I walked my horse to my shack and tied him to the hitching post and walked inside, as I expected there was little left. I salvaged enough to fashion myself a place to rest, After serving three years with the Commando I didn’t need luxuries. I settled down and slept, once I had arranged my thoughts in some sort of order.

(C) Damian Grange 2019

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