Air Aces of World War One

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Picture – Courtesy of Pinterest

Leutnant Josef Carl Peter Jacobs – German Ace 1894 /1978 Pt.2

  Jacobs obtained his second victory, this time over a Caudron R.IV in January 1917. he achieved three confirmed and eight unconfirmed victories whilst at Jasta 22, where he remained until the 2nd of August 1917. He then transferred to Jasta 7 as Staffelfuhrer, on the 1Oth of September 1917 Jacobs shot down French Ace Jean Matton.

From early 1918 onwards, Jacobs began flying the Fokker DRI Triplane with Jasta7 and had his aircraft finished in a distinctive black scheme, with a stylised East Wind insignia on both sides of the fuselage. The Fokker DRI was his favoured aircraft until October 1918 and he used its manoeuvrability to his advantage, becoming the Triplane’s highest scoring ace with over 30 confirmed victories.

Jacobs victory tally slowly rose, until at 24 victories ( achieved on July 19th 1918 ) he was awarded the coveted Pour le Merite ( The Blue Max ) Jacobs remained with Jasta 7 until the armistice, his final victory tally was 48 aircraft and balloons. He tied with Werner Voss for fourth place amongst the highest scoring German Aces. Jacobs was the last remaining holder of the Blue Max when he died in 1978 aged 84.

(C) Damian Grange 2019

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