The Diamond King – Excerpt 12

The Diamond King – Excerpt 12

  I was shocked, but I didn’t let my emotions betray me, ‘ I suppose I should offer my congratulations to you both,’ ‘Better still’ he said, ‘Come home with me, I am sure she will be glad to see that you survived.’ ‘ I would like to see her, if you are sure that its alright.’ ‘Well!’ slurred Maartens, ‘I’m a little the worse for drink, I could do with a hand.’

And so it was agreed, I helped half carry Maartens home from the pub, to where he lived with my betrothed, in her Fathers house. While I had been away fighting he had been busy ingratiating himself, or so it appeared to me.

I banged loudly on the door, it opened immediately, and there stood Hetty, she looked tired and careworn, but she had made her choice I felt no pity for her. Maartens looked up at her, gave a stupid grin and said, ‘Look who I found in the pub, an old friend of yours, he’s come to say hello.’

Hetty, for the first time paid attention to me, she was it appeared used to a variety of her husbands cronies carrying him home from the pub. On recognition she said,’Hans is it really you, we were told you were dead, killed in an ambush.’

‘I was wounded, but it was only a flesh wound, nothing of any concern you gave up on me far too easily, I’m back now, but not to stay, there is nothing here for me now.’

(C) Damian Grange 2019

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