Karlstadt – The Return Excerpt 3

Karlstadt – The Return  Excerpt 3

  It seemed that an essential to my well-being was the wearing of a crucifix at all times, the creatures apparently found religious objects repellent. Holy water, if thrown in their direction would hold then at bay, but only for a short period of time. Also wreaths of garlic were supposed to repel them, or so we discovered when we reached Karlstadt.

They were hung over every door and window, presumably to prevent access to the creature. According to folk lore and legend the creature could change shape and appear as a bat or a wolf or even a younger version of itself. They were said to use a form of hypnosis to lure victims to them.

There appeared to be only two definite methods of ridding the world of them. The first was exposure to direct sunlight, this in effect turns the creature to ashes and returns it to hell where it belongs.

The second method, exposes the hunter to a certain amount of risk. The creature needs to be found in its lair, usually a dark damp cellar or a mausoleum where it rests during the day in its coffin. They can apparently sleep for years then suddenly awake with a thirst for blood, this is when they are at their most dangerous.

The hunter needs to catch the creature sleeping and hammer a wooden stake through its heart, the creature will return to dust. With this thought in mind, before we left England I made up two packs, both with a dozen fire hardened stakes and a hefty mallet. I had every intention of being prepared.

(C) Damian Grange 2019

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