Karlstadt – The Return Excerpt 2

Karlstadt – The Return Excerpt 2

  Mine was a Military Family, so like my Father when he was my age, I had enlisted and fought under the colours. Serving as a junior officer, I fought in the Second Boer war in South Africa. I saw plenty of action whilst there and on my return, I had leave due to me and a little back pay, not a fortune but enough to get myself and a companion safely to Karlstadt and back.

I say companion, because my Father insisted that it was unsafe to travel alone, he never said why? but implied that on his own adventure there, someone he could trust implicitly would have been invaluable.

I think I knew just the man! my old Sergeant and comrade in arms, Jock McAllister. Rank aside, he and I were close friends and there was no one I would sooner trust. We had been in tight situations before and survived, so why should this be so different.

But before I enlisted Jock’s aid, my Father insisted that I learn all that there was to know about my potential enemy, the Vampire. My father led me to his study, where to my surprise, as I had no former knowledge of them. He had a collection of books, mostly old, about the Vampire kind and how to protect oneself against them.

Browsing through them today, it was like taking a trip back to the middle ages, when superstition was rife, and all manner of creatures were said to walk this earth. Depending of course on your location, and education or lack of it.

(C) Damian Grange 2019



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