Karlstadt – The Return Excerpt 1

Karlstadt – The Return  Excerpt 1

  From the time I was old enough to understand, My Father has regaled me with tales of Karlstadt and its Castle. Where he and my Mother met and fell in love and how for a long time he deliberated over the possibility that his beloved Karina, my Mother, might be a Vampire.

By the time I had reached my teens, I had determined that one day when the time was ripe. I would return to Karlstadt and attempt to find a solution to this problem that seemed to blight my family.

Not that my parents weren’t happy, on the face of it you could never meet a happier couple. everything was fine until two teenage girls went missing from our locality. now my Father seems afraid to let my Mother out of his sight. Which causes friction because my Father is older than my Mother and my Mother is impulsive and very much, the free spirit.

To an outsider, everything was fine, they never argued and appeared content. But it was as if they both shared a secret that was theirs alone, and whatever that secret was, it was slowly stifling them.

They would not share it with me, so the only solution left to me was go to Karlstadt and find some answers for myself, if that were at all possible. I was the only son, so I saw it as my responsibility to go there and do whatever it took.

(C) Damian Grange 2019

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