The Diamond King – Excerpt 8

The Diamond King – Excerpt 8

  Would there still be any gold left in my mine? or would the scavengers have stolen it all while I was away fighting. I had asked my friend Maartens van Vliet to keep an eye on it for me. Due to a hunting accident when we were younger, Maartens couldn’t ride with the Commando. So, I trusted him to look after my interests whilst I was away.

Maartens was a close friend who I believed that I could trust. Events proved otherwise but that is another story, which will unfold within this one.

I had one thing in my favour, a package of uncut diamonds which had to be worth a small fortune, but for the time being they would stay hidden in my pack. I had no idea how far from the township I was, I figured a couple of days on a fast horse, but I was on foot. Thank god, for strong and comfortable boots.

I figured it out that it was probably going to be about a week of hard travelling to reach the township, but I had water, a decent piece of the bird left that I had killed. There was certainly enough left to keep me going for a couple of days. then I would need more water and food of some description. But out here on the veldt, there was always something that I could hunt, I had hunted successfully before the war.

I wasn’t too keen on walking long distances, but it was a case of needs must if I were to get back to civilisation. I much preferred the back of a good horse, the horse that had been my constant companion when I served in the Commando.

I took care of it, and it in turn took care of me, but I had given my mount to Henrik, his need was greater than mine. I will survive and with my horse he has a good chance of survival too. That was the best that I could offer my friend.

(C) Damian Grange 2019

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