The Diamond King – Excerpt 7

The Diamond King – Excerpt 7

  There appeared to be a lot of wildfowl in the area, so I decided to try my luck with them. I had no wish to advertise my presence by using my rifle, I tied my knife to a branch I had selected and trimmed giving me a makeshift spear.

I struck lucky on my third attempt, a nice plump bird. I would eat well tonight. That and the water would soon renew my energy and my spirits. I set to work gathering twigs and anything else suitable for a small fire. after the finest  meal I had had in months, I settled down to sleep with my rifle close at hand.

I had made a decision, on the following morning I would return home. If I still had one. My home as such, was a small shack adjacent to my gold mine. Which when I left for the war, still had a little gold left for me to mine.

I didn’t sleep too well, I could hear lions in the distance. I had a healthy respect  for the lions, both as a man and a hunter. they were the one animal you never underestimated. Not if you valued your life.

I picked up my rifle and pack after checking that my water canteen was full and proceeded to walk in the general direction of home, such as it was. I had no idea what had happened there in the three years I had been away fighting with the Commando.

(C) Damian Grange 2019


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