The Castle Karlstadt – Excerpt 24

The Castle Karlstadt – Excerpt 24

  The creature was cunning, it was striking at our weakest moments, If we stayed together as a unit with all the men armed then we should be able to resist its attacks, if you could call then that.

I had my Enfield, the Doctor had a hunting rifle of German manufacture, I also had my Addams revolver which I handed to Father Michael, despite his protests, I also had my sword, for what it was worth in these circumstances.

For the moment all that we could do was build up the fire and hope that the creature would show itself. Unless, of course, as I suspected the creature was in fact, one of us, a stranger in our midst, a Vampire!

I think that possibly for the first time since I had become a soldier. I had for reasons unknown become embroiled in a conflict that I was not sure that I could win. It was left to me to make life or death decisions for the members of our little group, and if I were honest, I was faltering.

I felt totally impotent against the creature, if such a thing existed. Being a simple soldier, I had a marked tendency to only believe what I could see, if I could see it, I reasoned, I could kill it.

The day passed slowly, Karina came and sat by my side. I would like to think that she felt safer with me. Although I tended to think she had a instinctive dislike of the Doctor, she seemed to avoid him whenever it was possible.

(C) Damian Grange 2019

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