The Diamond King – Excerpt 5

The Diamond King – Excerpt 5

  And so, I settled my pack and my rifle, and headed for the mountains. I had no idea of what I would find there, my only concern was to lose myself for a little while. Time enough for people to forget where I had been and what I had been doing these past three years.

As I wondered higher in to the mountains, I chanced to look to the left of me and there a fair distance below me, I saw what appeared to be a man lying unconscious on a rock. I was concerned that it might be Henrik. But if it was he, he was miles away from where I would have expected him to be. But like me he was exhausted and probably delirious, it could be him. I decided to investigate.

I made my way cautiously towards him, the rocks were a little loose in places, I had to treads warily or risk falling as it appeared that he had done. I had to carefully manoeuvre my way over a couple of tricky areas. But now I was much closer to the man, to my relief it was not Henrik, but a much older man.

Eventually I managed to climb down to where the man lay. He was not as I had first thought unconscious but dead, and for a little while judging by the condition of the corpse. I searched his corpse to see if he had any identification of any description on his person, but found nothing.

Around his waist he had a battered old cartridge pouch. I opened it and to my surprise it was full of uncut diamonds. I poured them out and examined them carefully, now I don’t profess to be a diamond expert. But I knew that I was now in possession of a small fortune in diamonds. Which on the basis of finders keepers were now mine.

(C) Damian Grange 2019



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