The Castle Karlstadt – Excerpt 23

The Castle Karlstadt – Excerpt 23

  ‘I must consider it doubtful, bearing in mind that she was sleeping in-between Father Michael and her servant, Franz.’ he observed, quite calmly. ‘I find that really interesting, because by giving them all alibi’s, as I am sure you realise you have, where do’s that leave you?’ I asked in all seriousness.

‘I admit to being many things,’ stated the Doctor angrily, ‘But stupid is not one of them, how dare you accuse me, in fact, what am I being accused of?’ I wanted to smile at his discomfort, but my plan, as I had thought to unmask him had failed miserably, I had either underestimated him or he was innocent.

My only concern was to how many more of us might have to die at the hands of this creature, before we discovered it’s identity and dealt with it finally! The remainder of the day passed with little event, we ate supper together and settled down to attempt to sleep.

I was shaken awake by a somewhat harassed Father Michael. Franz was gone. Whether he had been taken by the creature or was just collecting wood for the fire we knew not. To be certain I sent the Doctor and Michael to search for him. I stayed in camp with Karina, who was naturally a little tearful, she was very fond of old Franz.

After a short time, the search party returned, they had found poor Franz. He was in the Castle cellars, also it appeared another victim of the creature. I was furious with myself, I should have seen this coming, we were all potential victims, but only if we were alone and vulnerable.

(C) Damian Grange 2019

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