The Diamond King – Excerpt 4

The Diamond King – Excerpt 4

  Alleluia! I could see the ground before me starting to recede, I was within reach of the river bed. All I had to do was pray that I would find water there. It had never failed me in the past, why would it fail me now.

I stumbled on a few more paces, then slid down the slope to the river bed. As soon as I had got my bearings, I took out my hunting knife and started to dig along where the river used to flow.

As my hole got deeper, I started digging up damp sand. There, was water sure enough, it was just a matter of digging deep enough to find it. It sounds an easy think to do but in my parched disorientated state, not quite so easy. But I blundered on, my hunch had proved correct. I would have water before long.

Once I had water, my other problems would solve themselves. Water meant life! I tried to put a little more effort in to my digging using what small reserves of energy I had. That extra effort soon paid dividends, before long water was lapping around my ankles.

I filled my water bottle and took a sip, it was just how I remembered it, cold and sweet. It was a pity I had only the one water bottle, but no matter. I was almost in to the mountains where there would be plenty of water. The worst of my journey was over.

It would be useful if I had a horse, but I had a pair of good strong veldtschoen boots, and I felt sufficiently revived to continue with my journey. And up to now, I had seen no signs of pursuit of any description.

(C) Damian Grange 2019





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