The Diamond King – Excerpt 3

The Diamond King – Excerpt 3

  I staggered on for another couple of miles, but then I had to rest, I couldn’t walk another step, I found a place in the shade placed my rifle and pack beside me and immediately dropped off to sleep. I must have slept for several hours, which was hardly surprising considering the condition I was in. I felt much better, but needed water desperately. I was starting to dehydrate.

I looked around me and took stock of my surroundings. I knew this place. I had been here before. If my memory served me well, roughly a mile to my right, which wasn’t so far from where I was heading. There was a dry river bed, where with a little effort on my part, I might get water.

It was a gamble, and I had nothing to lose, my life was already in jeopardy. Better to take a chance and die trying than do nothing and die anyway. Where there is life, there is hope.

I stood up and started to trudge in the general direction of the river bed. In my present condition it might take me a little time to reach it, but if only a few mouthfuls of water were there it would be well worth the effort. Although my stomach was rumbling, food could wait, it was water I needed the most.

I staggered on, stumbled and tripped over a root. But I picked myself up and forced myself on. I knew I had been here before, call it memory, hunter’s instinct or what you will. I knew I had been here before. I knew this place.

(C) Damian Grange 2019

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