The Castle Karlstadt – Excerpt 20

The Castle Karlstadt – Excerpt 20

  Father Michael came over and sat beside me, he too had noticed the plotting and wondered what might happen next. All I could say was sleep with one eye open and I would do the same, not to be taken literally of course.

Once again, the Castle had a surprise in store for me, but it was the last one I would have expected. When I awoke, Bruno was missing. I shook the Doctor awake and asked him if he knew his whereabouts. He answered in the negative.

Where the hell was he? and what was he up to? I had no idea, but how would it affect  the rest of us. They were all my concern, and I was responsible for their safety, damn the man, where was he?

When the others had full awoken and had breakfasted, Bruno had still not made an appearance. I suggested that we split in to two groups and search for him. I was still unsure of whether this was some ploy on his part to get his hands on Karina, for whatever purpose he planned.

I paired Father Michael with the Doctor and kept Karina and Franz with me, I thought in that way, I could ensure her safety. I, in any case was getting rather fond of her, much to my surprise, I have never been much of a Lady’s man. This was something new to me and I found it all rather perplexing.

Karina spotted Bruno, he was lying hunched over at the foot of the Castle wall. The way he was lying suggested that he had either fallen or been pushed off the battlements. One thing for sure, Bruno would not be bothering anyone again.

(C) Damian Grange 2019


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