The Castle Karlstadt – Excerpt 19

The Castle Karlstadt – Excerpt 19

  My mind was still in turmoil, I had solved one problem. But not the main one, which was, who was killing young girls and why? I had to get to the bottom of this. But how could I, playing the waiting game seemed the only answer.

I welcomed Franz to our small community and questioned him on how he had managed to feed both himself and Karina for however long a period. He explained that he had made an agreement with the Gypsies that they could reside on Karlstadt land so long as they bought food to him daily. As there were only two to feed, this was no hardship to the Gypsies, who were quite content with the agreement.

I wondered which of the Karlstadt’s had given him permission to broker the deal. Then I realised that with Karina being the last of the line, He must have acted using her name as proxy. I had no wish to query the subject, I had no wish to put a name to her, family or otherwise, far safer that she stayed anonymous, for all our sake’s.

Franz, happy to  be invited to remain, found himself a place close to Karina and Father Michael, both who were happy to have him join them, despite his disfigurement. I know that I had placed Bruno and the Doctor together, but now I was beginning to see it as an error of judgement on my part. They sat in their own corner, peering at the others and whispering among themselves. I didn’t like it, I sensed mutiny in the air, but not yet.

(C) Damian Grange 2019

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