Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 151 )

Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 151 )

  I cannot even begin to describe the exhilaration I felt, When from the Liner’s deck I could make out in the distance, the White Cliffs of Dover. My first sight of my homeland for several months, Life once again held meaning for me.

There was still some way to go, but that first sighting was all the re-assurance that I needed. I would within a day or so, be back home in London. Take another day or two to get my house and business affairs in some sort of order.

Then away to the country to re-acquaint myself with my Brother Giles, and seek his council once more. Now, that Father is no more, Giles is the only one that I confide in, and then only to a point. There are certain things I would not confess, even to him.

They do say, that home is where the heart is, and mine is firmly fixed in the English countryside. My thoughts have been of nothing else, whilst I have been away. I have no doubts that other countries have their charms, but for me to feel content and live happily in one, it would have to be like England, I could envision nothing less.

I never realised how much of a patriot, I was, until I left my England. Now that I have returned, I realise just how much she means to me. It will be hard for me to leave her again. But then, if duty were to call, then I suppose I must.

(C) Damian Grange 2019


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