This Bulldog Bites – Excerpt 5

This Bulldog Bites – Excerpt 5

  Greta, on the other hand, was tolerated because of her Husbands standing in the banking community, Her constant whining did not endear her to many people, even amongst her own Countrymen and Women.

It was the habit of the German Contingent to rise early and place towels on the sun beds to reserve them, as there was only a limited number available. It made perfect sense, but caused animosity amongst the hotel guests, mainly because the same people always had the use of the sun beds. I have no knowledge of the cause, but for some reason, known only to herself, this really annoyed Ivy who decided there and then to put a stop to it. Ivy hated unfairness of any kind.

The following day she arose early, went downstairs by the pool and placed her towel on a vacant sun bed. She then went back to her room and prepared herself for the day ahead. After an enjoyable breakfast, she returned to her room, gathered up her belongings and the book she was reading and headed for the pool and her reserved sun lounger.

Her reserved sun lounger was however occupied by the corpulent Greta Schmidt and her towel was thrown  carelessly on the floor. Ivy was furious, but endeavoured to appear calm. ‘Madam!’ she said, choosing her words carefully, ‘I do believe that you are lying on my sun lounger and that is my towel that you threw on the floor.’

Werner Schmidt who was lying on the sun lounger next to his Wife, raised his copy of Die Welt, a German newspaper, a little higher. Werner was not fond of confrontations of any kind.

(C) Damian Grange 2019


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