The Castle Karlstadt -Excerpt 17

The Castle Karlstadt – Excerpt 17

  To a certain extent she had bought herself up and had obviously learned from her mistakes. She was dressed in a relatively clean dress that was showing signs of rather excessive wear, but with her poise and elegance she still managed to look beautiful. But how would I know, I’m a soldier, not a lover.

There was one thing about her that I had noticed, but had every intention of keeping to myself until I could have a quiet word with Father Michael. I looked at the girl and recalled the picture of Father Michaels sister, the Countess, the girl had certain small similarities to the portrait. I would hazard a guess that she was her daughter.

If my hunch was correct, then that made the girl Michael’s niece, he of all people needed to know the truth. I wasn’t so sure about the other members of our unit. I had no idea where the Doctor’s loyalties lay and if Bruno found out, he would undoubtedly attempt to kill her. And who knows what the good Doctor would do if he got his hands on one of the Karlstadt family. He was an unknown quantity, but I intended to take no chances with him, especially where the girl was concerned.

The only problem was that I had to find work for them both, without necessarily raising their suspicions, I told them to go together and search the lower floors of the castle and to look for concealed entrances and secret passages. They rebelled at my suggestion until I explained to them that all the inhabitants of the castle must be found. I was sure there was at least one other person residing there. Someone had to be preparing food for the girl, she was not simple, there had to be someone lurking in the background, but who?

(C) Damian Grange 2019




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