This Bulldog Bites – Excerpt 3

This Bulldog Bites – Excerpt 3

  She consulted her travel agent, who arranged her passport and other travel documents and booked the hotel for a week in June of that year. Ivy wasn’t quite sure whether to be elated or frightened, for a woman of her age to be leaving her homeland for the first time was a giant step, and not one to be taken lightly.

Daphne and her Husband delivered Ivy to the Airport. Daphne almost had to force her to board the Aircraft, I think the sheer size of it surprised Ivy. It is nice to live in a village, but sometimes village life can be too insular. The outside world can be something of a daunting prospect and Ivy was just beginning to realise by how much.

But Ivy was made of sterner stuff, and once settled in a window seat, she began to view the flight as a bit of an adventure, something to enjoy and regale her chums back in the village with tales of it. The flight happily was quite uneventful and once Ivy had cleared the Airport and boarded the coach for her hotel. she began to have quite a positive feeling about the week ahead.

The hotel guests appeared to be split in to two distinct groups, the British contingent, to which Ivy obviously belonged, and the Germans, who still believed themselves to be the master race, because of the way the Spanish fussed around them.

Among the Germans was Werner Schmidt, who worked as an under manager in one of the German banks. Werner was an easy-going man who was happy to lead a quiet life. His Wife, Greta, on the other hand was just the opposite. she had to be the centre of attention and constantly complained to anyone who would listen, about everything and nothing, a constant high pitched moan.

(C) Damian Grange 2019

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