The Castle Karlstadt – Excerpt 12

The Castle Karlstadt – Excerpt 12

  ‘Ok! I’m your man, what have I got to lose? only my life?’ I said, somewhat stating the obvious. ‘Would it be asking too much too know who I am leading on this foray?’ I asked the assembled sextet. The Doctor, looking a little uncomfortable stated, ‘I have volunteered to come with you, I have some knowledge of these creatures and I am also a marksman.’

Then the other priest spoke, ‘I am coming with you to represent the church, I am Father Michael, you may need my help in defeating these creatures,’ he spoke confidently and personally I was glad to have him with me, I instinctively trusted him. The blacksmith, Bruno growled, ‘ I go too, these creatures took my Maria, they owe me a life, I intend to take it.’

After a few hours preparation, I and my motley crew of heroes / volunteers left Karlstad to travel up the valley to the Castle. The Doctor and I were mounted, the Holy Father and the blacksmith walked behind us. The Father carried a large cross, which as he plainly put it, he intended to plant in the Castle yard.

Bruno also carried his own supplies, a haversack containing a dozen sharpened stakes and a mallet with which to hammer them in. Judging by the size of his mallet and his muscular arms, anything that crossed his path would be well and truly impaled.

After a few hours of uneventful travel, we were within sight of the castle, it looked exactly as I had left it on the previous day. Speaking as a stranger, with no knowledge of its history. I would have admired it for what it was, a fine piece of military engineering. A noble structure.

(C) Damian Grange 2019

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