Conor Dillon – Beginnings Excerpt 30

Conor Dillon – Beginnings  Excerpt 30

  Sheridan had proved to be an excellent all-round marksman, and so had Flaherty once he had learned to hold his musket correctly. That left Conor with sex men who were not skilled with the musket, Conor decided to seek the advise of his advisors Shamus and Black Michael.

‘Should we keep them or replace them, its that simple.’ said Conor. ‘Personally.’ said  Michael, ‘ I have been watching them, they are loyal to this unit and are keen to learn, its just taking them a little longer.’ ‘What about you Shamus, what is your opinion? asked Conor.

‘Is six out of thirty, such a big thing, what I would suggest is you promote Sheridan and Flaherty and make them responsible for their training, that will leave us free for the bigger picture,’ replied Shamus, voicing his opinions.

‘Fair comment!’ said Conor, ‘ I want a word with my Father, I want to borrow a couple of drummers. Drummers.’ said Michael, ‘Whatever for?’ Because I want the enemy to know that we are coming, If we march like the British, wear red coats just like them, march to the beat of the drum. Their allies will think that we are British come to relieve them, not to attack them,’ stated Conor explaining the basis of his plan to his companions.

‘I like it!’ said Shamus, ‘It’s a fine wee plan,’ ‘ I approve too,’ said Michael, ‘Its so simple, it can’t fail. ‘ It works like this, get close enough, fire two accurate volleys at close range to thin out the enemy, the charge and take the position. That is why I insist on accurate fire, it is crucial to the plan, that with the volleys we decimate the enemy’s forces,’ stated Conor.

(C) Damian Grange 2019

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