Conor Dillon – Beginnings Excerpt 29

Conor Dillon – Beginnings Excerpt 29

  ‘I would not! Sir, the reason why I deserted I was unjustly flogged, for a crime I did not commit, It was just another way of abusing me because I am of the Catholic faith,’ He stated. ‘So, fighting alongside me and my men, you may get your revenge, is that it?’ asked Conor seeking to get at the truth. ‘Yes, Sir, I was unjustly treated and seek recompense,’ stated Sheridan.

‘Well!’ said Conor, ‘You can start by helping the others with loading and firing, I want them all up to your standard or somewhere close.’ Now with Sheridan as well as the others showing how it must be done, progress was starting to be made. Conor’s aim, although he had told no one, was to have his unit doing accurate and speedy volley fire, to emulate their enemy, the British.

He also planned, possibly utilising Sheridan’s knowledge to have them marching like a British unit. What he had in mind was a Ruse de Guerre or trick of war, his idea was that his unit to all intents and purposes would appear to be British Reinforcements, with their red coats and black facings, it shouldn’t be too hard.

Later in the day, Lords Dillon appeared, and showed interest in the training that Conor was giving his recruits. He didn’t understand Conor’s ideas, but also acknowledged that Conor was a younger man with fresh ideas, and that he may well come up with something useful.

By the close of the second day, the majority of Conor’s recruits, could load and fire twice in a minute, and hit the target or somewhere close. Conor felt quite elated, he had asked the impossible and his men had responded, and several of them had excelled.

(C) Damian Grange 2019

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