Conor Dillon – Beginnings Excerpt 28

Conor Dillon – Beginnings  Excerpt 28

  ‘A small unit of trained men could fire two or three volleys followed by a charge, which would knock a hole in most lines that could be used to gain maximum advantage over the English or their Allies.’ stated Conor decisively.

After this explanation, Conor started to train his seven men, he studied them for a moment, then he realised why they were struggling? ‘All of you, take off your coats and stocks, That will make loading and firing a little easier? You’ll feel more relaxed.’

The men complied with his request and the training seemed to go a little better, Shamus was reprimanding one of his trainees for not holding his musket properly. Conor intervened, ‘If you want to become a useful member of this unit, this is what I expect from you, hand me your musket.’ The recruit handed Conor his musket, Conor hefted it to his shoulder, sighted and fired at the target which he hit slightly off centre, if the target had been a man it was a kill shot.

‘That is what I expect from each and everyone of you by tomorrow afternoon, or you will be replaced by someone who can, we carry no one, do you understand?’ stated Conor, the recruit agreed reluctantly, he didn’t understand the urgency of the training.

Conor wandered around, checking the progress of the various groups, one man stood out, he was loading quickly and efficiently, His shots were all placed accurately on the target and for the most part they were kill shots.

Conor asked him for his name, ‘I’m Sheridan, Sir’ was his reply. ‘And where did you learn to load and fire like that?’ asked Conor, for Sheridan had piqued his interest. ‘I served in the English 18th Foot, The Royal Irish Regt. I was a private soldier.

‘So you are a deserter and a turncoat, how can I trust you if we are going to fight the English, would you desert me and join them?’ questioned Conor angrily.

(C) Damian Grange 2019

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