The Castle Karlstadt – Excerpt 8

The Castle Karlstadt – Excerpt 8

  I found the church easily, it was quite a substantial structure. The townspeople it seemed were particularly religious or so it would seem by the size of the church. I deftly opened the church doors, trying to keep my arrival as quiet as possible.

I had no wish to attract attention to myself, or the fact that I had a loaded weapon slung over my shoulder. I closed the doors behind me, but unfortunately they made a certain amount of noise and some of the congregation turned to see who had entered.

They looked none too pleased to see an armed stranger standing there, and putting myself in their shoes, I may have felt the same. Fortunately, the priest who appeared to be addressing the congregation, signalled me to move to the front, to where he himself stood. I felt a little intimidated, but was left with little choice in the matter.

As I marched down the aisle, I could feel all eyes on me, I had no inkling of what they were thinking, but after the reception that I had received at the village. I believed I had a little cause for concern.

The priest asked me my name, and what my business was in Karlstadt. I was happy to answer him, no problem there, I had nothing to hide. ‘I am Captain John Colbourne of Her Majesty’s Scots Guards, I was wounded in the Crimea and am now in the process of making my way back home.’ I stated in answer to his enquiry. ‘As for my business her, one of the nuns who kindly administered to my wounds, was born here, and spoke of her birthplace in such glowing terms, that I wished to see it for myself, is that a problem?’

(C) Damian Grange 2019

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