The Castle Karlstadt – Excerpt 5

The Castle Karlstadt – Excerpt 5

  I was just drifting off, when I heard something, was I , knowing the Castle’s history imagining things. Or had I truly heard something. I sat up stealthily and reached for my rifle which lay beside me. I was taking no chances.

I had been made aware that there were brigands and gypsies residing in the area, a lone traveller would be taken by either as easy pickings. I listened intently for several minutes, but not another sound was to be heard. I decided that maybe I had imagined it, or that maybe it was just the wind blowing through a hole in the ceiling.

The following morning, I awoke refreshed and after breakfast decided to continue down the valley into the town itself. I had no notion of the welcome that would be waiting for me there.

After I had fed and watered my horse, I mounted up and headed in the direction of Karlstadt. I was looking forward to staying there and relaxing for a few days, The way my friendly nun had described it, it seemed ideal.

If I had known the welcome that was awaiting me, I think I would have rapidly rode in the opposite direction, in hindsight naturally. As I passed through one of the outlying villages, I sensed an air of tension about the place. Maybe I should have heeded the warning signs.

I was a stranger, mounted on a good horse, armed with several weapons, all of which to these people were of modern manufacture. I think they obviously took me for a military man. As a soldier, I was used to being viewed by peasants in this way. Instinctual fear, I suppose you would call it.

(C) Damian Grange 2019

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