The Castle Karlstadt – Excerpt 3

The Castle Karlstadt – Excerpt 3

  The word had spread, more and more people were joining the revolt. It was no longer an organised protest, now just a discordant mob of miscreants that wanted blood and would settle for nothing less, some were alcohol fuelled, others by their thirst for revenge, but they all had a common goal, destroy the Karlstadts.

Anders Karlstadt and his Mother, The Countess appeared on the castle wall above the gateway and ordered the mob to disperse. If they persisted in their actions they would be punished and their ring leaders would surely hang for rebelling against their betters.

On hearing this threat the mob went wild, hurling whatever debris was too hand at the Karlstadt’s above. The Countess fell injured when a stone struck her on the forehead, Anders in an effort to defend her, pulled a pistol from his coat and fired into the crowd, his shot injured one of the townsfolk. The retaliation was swift and decisive, Anders was cut down by a hail of stones and musketry.

With no one left to antagonise, the crowd turned their attention on the castle itself. They attacked the gate until by sheer weight of numbers they managed to force it aside and gain entry to the castle interior. Once inside they gathered up the bodies of the Karlstadt’s and staked them through the heart, the time honoured method of disposing of the Vampire species.

Then  to be certain they were rid of them for good, they burned the corpse’s. Then stormed through the castle burning wherever the went. Their intention being to cauterise the place of evil forever, Purification by fire!

Then they attacked the very foundations of the castle itself, but to no avail. The castle had been built to last and withstand invasion from whatever source. They managed to get a few bricks to topple over and they knocked a few tiles off the walls, but nothing of a serious or lasting nature. And so, the castle stood as a reminder of their work that day. They had done as they intended, or so they thought?

(C) Damian Grange 2018


4 thoughts on “The Castle Karlstadt – Excerpt 3

  1. I’m really surprised by the response, this was just one story of several that I wrote three years ago with the intention of releasing a book of short horror stories! Thank you for your interest!


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