The Castle Karlstadt – Excerpt 1

Picture – Courtesy of Pinterest

The Castle Karlstadt – Excerpt 1

  I had been wounded in the Crimean Conflict, In what was to be one of the last actions of that war. I was not well enough to return with the rest of the Army and so I was left in the care of the nuns in a convent in Sevastopol, with instructions to make my own way back to England when I had recovered sufficiently.

Among the nuns who cared for me was one who spoke quite passible English. As my health was restored and her duties permitted, she would often sit and chat with me. I found it a pleasant diversion from the tedium of the convent / hospital routine, even more so, now that I was on the mend.

She told me that she originated from a town called Karlstadt, which was situated in the Carpathian Mountains. And that her father, when he was alive, had been Headmaster of the school there, He was an accomplished scholar and had taught her several languages.

The town was named Karlstadt in honour of the local nobility, the Karlstadt family who lived in the castle on the hill overlooking the town itself.

She explained to me that the townsfolk lived an idyllic life in the Carpathian foothills. that is until ten years previously, when within a period of several weeks, young girls began to disappear from the outlying villages. She confirmed that by young she meant unmarried girls in their late teens. They were all eventually found, dead with puncture marks upon their necks as if someone or something had been sucking their blood.

(c) Damian Grange 2018


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