Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 113 )

Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 113 )

  The following day, I did as the Major suggested and visited the Military Tailors. I explained the urgency of my request and once my measurements were taken to his satisfaction he said without hesitation that the uniforms would be ready for a fitting in three days time. He said that normally it would have been sooner but due to the coming war trade was booming. I assured him that three days was fine.

Then I paid a visit to my solicitor, I had decided that whilst I was away I would allow the Mc Ginty’s to take guests in my house, but only guests that were first vetted by my solicitor and he was to oversee all transactions and receive all monies on my behalf and ensure that the McGinty’s be paid their wages as normal.

My only stipulation was that no one was given access to my own room or the cellar, they were to be kept locked at all times, for obvious reasons.

I then returned to the Infirmary, to write out and hand in my formal resignation, they had been forewarned of my plans, so there was no animosity involved which was nice. I told them I was quite happy to stay until I received my travelling orders. But then, I may have to leave at a few days notice.

As it happened, it was sooner than that, I was just about to leave for the day, when the Major appeared with an update on my travelling arrangements. ‘You depart London on the S.S. Dunleavy Castle, She’s an old cruise ship converted in to a troop ship, so don’t expect too much in creature comforts, you depart London and will arrive in either Capetown or Johannesburg in approximately a month’s time.

(C) Damian  Grange 2018


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